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Pinot Noir

Originating in Burgundy, France, Pinot Noir has made its mark along the Pacific U.S., thriving in Napa, Sonoma, and the Central Coast of California. Light-bodied, yet rich in fruit flavors

New to Pinot Noir?

Light-bodied, yet rich in fruit flavors, this popular red wine pairs with a great variety of dishes. Explore some of our favorite recipes below.


1. What is the best Pinot Noir to drink?
We don’t play favorites, but our Gallo Signature Series Pinot Noir scored 92 points from The Wine Advocate. With notes of blackberry and plum, this soft and silky red is one of our top recommendations. If you have a specific taste preference, check out our Wines by Flavor Guide to help point you toward the right selection.

2. How do I cook with Pinot Noir?
The bold flavors of Pinot Noir make it a great cooking wine, especially for steak marinades and beef stew. Add a 1/2 cup to your marinade or sauce at medium-high heat on the stove. As you stir, the alcohol will evaporate, but all the delicious flavors will remain.

3. Do I need a special glass?
A Burgundy glass, designed for light-bodied wines, is great for Pinot Noir. It’s larger bowl highlights the wine’s delicate aromas, which enhances the tasting experience.