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Welcome to
The Barrel Room

Explore with ease, collect with confidence and have great wine delivered to your door.​

Who Are We?

Let’s start with the obvious: We like a good wine.​ We like them simple and smooth, or complex and unexpected. We love stories behind the bottles, discovering new favorites and sharing old ones.​

We are a team of dedicated wine enthusiasts bringing together a diverse collection of wines with one thing in common: we like them and think you will too. We launched in January 2021 with the goal of delivering great wines to your door, and we’re thrilled to see that vision coming to life every day!

Why Shop With Us?

We are proud to partner with wineries from around the world to offer you a diverse collection of wines, while a team of dedicated wine enthusiasts manage our portfolio to maintain a glowing selection of wines.

Our customer service team is made up of knowledgeable representatives to assist you with wine selections and order logistics, and we offer reliable shipping throughout the United States where shipping laws permit.

Where To Begin

Getting started on your wine journey, jumping back in, or looking for something new? View varietals here and wineries here, or take a peek at the brands below to get started.