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The Wine Tasting Game

We've combined the challenge of choosing bracket winners with the fun of a blind wine tasting.

Step 2: Pick Your Varietal

What'll it be? Are you going to test your friend's White or Red taste buds?
Next you need to choose one varietal. You can make the pick yourself or poll your friends and see which varietal they'd like to taste.

March Wine Bracket White Image


Rich & Creamy, Crisp & Refreshing or Crisp & Herbaceous?

The most widely planted white wine grape in the world, it can range from creamy and oaky to bright and citrusy.

Pinot Grigio
A crisp and refreshing white, Pinot Grigio is dry and zesty, with notes of citrus and green apple.

Sauvignon Blanc
This trending varietal from both New Zealand and California is known for its citrus, fruits, gooseberry and herbaceous notes.

Red vs Red


Big & Bold, Smooth & Medium or Light & Fruit-Forward?

Cabernet Sauvignon
This rich, full-bodied red is the most popular red wine grape, with growing regions across the globe.

A dry, medium- to full-bodied red, this wine boasts notes of dark fruits and baking spices.

Pinot Noir
A light-bodied, fruit-forward red, Pinot Noir is renowned for pairing well with a variety of foods, from beet salad to lamp chops.

Step 3: Choose a Price Range & Purchase the Wines

Once you've decided on the varietal, pick a price range. You can either purchase here on The Barrel Room or ask your friends to select a bottle of the varietal you agreed upon. You may need two bottles of each depending on the size of your group or the size of your pours.

Once the wines are taken care of, ask anyone not bringing wine to prepare one of our Wine Country recipes to pair with the varietal.

Step 4: Share the Names & Fill In the Brackets

Before the tasting party, distribute the names of the eight wines chosen and their bracket numbers so everyone can research and fill in their brackets.

Step 5: Conceal the Wines

Conceal each bottle all the way up to the opening so the players cannot identify the wine. This is especially important if any of the wines had a screw cap.

Get creative by using wrapping paper or aluminum foil with ribbon or twine. Fabric wine gift bags also work well.

Number the bottom of each bag with the corresponding bracket number.

Step 6: Pour and Play

Now it’s time for the best part of the game: wine tasting! Pour wines #1 and #2 and give players time to choose their favorite. The wine with the majority vote moves onto the next round, which you’ll note on the master bracket. Repeat this step with wines #3 and #4 and so on until its down to the final two.

Pour and Play

If there’s a tie vote at any point, have players defend their choice—use tasting notes, aromas, mouthfeel, etc.—to persuade others to change their vote.

Step 7: The Final 2 & Reveal

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Pour the final two wines, taste and vote.
Once a winner is chosen, reveal its identity.

How’d everyone do? Let each player check their bracket to compare with the master bracket. The player with the most matches wins this year's bragging rights and perhaps a special wine gift.

Don't Forget the Food

We've gathered together some of our favorite Wine Country recipes with pairings that may inspire a spontaneous ‘wave’ across your party room.