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Rosé Wine

Sweet or dry, sparkling or still, Rosé signals summertime with a delicious bouquet of floral and fruity notes. With it’s crisp, refreshing pop of pink, add sophistication to every sip with our great selection of Rosé wines.


1. Which Rosé wines are the best to drink?
Our Rosé wines run the gamut of sparkling to still, dry to sweet. If you prefer a sweet wine, see answer to Question 2 below. For Rosé wines on the dry side, Maison No. 9 and Fleur de Mer Rosé offer a classic Provençal style. If you’re seeking sparkling Rosé, our 90+ point wine, J Vineyards Brut Rosé, is deeply nuanced and aromatic.

2. Which Rosé should I drink if I want something sweet?
With notes of cherry, raspberry, and watermelon, Barefoot Cellars Rosé is a delightfully sweet, crisp and refreshing choice.

3. Can I cook with Rosé?
When cooking, Rosé is a perfectly good alternative to red or white wines. Substitute a deep pink-hued Rosé for red in tomato-based sauces or a light pink Rosé for white wine in a vegetable stew. The Rosé will add the acidity and aromatics you desire from the dish.

4. Do I need a special glass?
To best enjoy the aromas and flavors of your Rosé, choose a tapered glass with the widest part at mid-bowl as opposed to the base.

5. When do I drink Rosé?
Rosé has been dubbed “the summertime wine” for its crisp, refreshing, floral and fruity notes, and we agree! The sun shining on a glass of Rosé while you lounge poolside? It’s a beautiful thing.

Rosé Food Pairings

From the sun-drenched vineyards of California to the floral hillsides of Provence, Rosé gets its pale pink color from the length of time it spends fermenting with grape skins. Find your favorite shade among the bunch, and pair with our choice recipes below.