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Wine glasses toasting Wine glasses toasting

Summer’s Fresh Picks

Gather your friends for the best sips under the sun, including crisp and refreshing 
Rosé, Soave, Pinot Grigio, and Sparkling wines!

Bright & Crisp

Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris

Light-bodied and refreshing, these wines are neither heavy nor extremely fruity. They’re acidic and best enjoyed chilled. If you like the approachableness of white wines without the sweetness, these are for you.

Medium-Bodied & Refreshing

Rosé, Soave & Sparkling

Rosé signals summertime with a delicious bouquet of floral and fruity notes, while Sparkling wines offer vibrant bubbles and zesty fruit, and Soave is cool and crisp on the palate as if biting into a perfect apple.

Summer Wine Recipes & Pairings

Celebrate summer with our wine country recipes and summer wine pairings.