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Sparkling Wine

Whether you’re toasting to the new year or the new job, our sparkling wines offer the vibrant bubbles and zesty fruit notes that make every celebration a delicious one.

New to Sparkling Wine?

From northern California to Treviso, Italy, our variety of sparkling wines is one for the storybooks. Explore them all, including Cuvée, Spumante, Champagne, Prosecco, and Brut. Each varietal offers its own distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. Do a tasting to find your favorite, and be sure to include a taste of the small plates below!

Discover Sparkling Wine


1. Which Sparkling wines are the best to drink?
J Vineyards Cuvée 20 is our most nuanced sparkling, with notes of toasted almond, dried cranberry, and ginger snap. At a lower price point, La Marca Prosecco—showcasing notes of green apple, peach and lemon—is a favorite among weekend brunchers.

2. Which Sparkling wine should I drink if I want something sweet?
If you want a sparkling wine on the sweet side, go for Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato. This champagne bursts with accents of candied cherry and ripe raspberry.

3. Can I cook with Sparkling wine?
Sparkling wines are not typically used for cooking, but you may. You can even use flat sparkling wine since all the bubbles will evaporate with the heat anyhow. Lend your sparkling wine to any dish that calls for white wine; it’s a perfectly fine substitute.

4. Do I need a special glass?
The flute glass is the most popular option for serving sparkling wines; its narrow shape retains the beautiful bubbles and enhances the wine’s aromas.

5. When do I drink Sparkling wine?
New Year’s Eve or The 4th of July! No matter the season, when the moment calls for a toast, it’s a good time for sparkling wine.