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Celebrate with Bubbly!

Whatever the reason or season, our sparkling wines offer the vibrant bubbles and zesty fruit notes that make every celebration a delicious one.


1. Which Sparkling wines are the best to drink?
'Best' is really a preference in taste. J Vineyards Cuvée is our most nuanced sparkling, with notes of toasted almond, dried cranberry, and ginger snap, while La Marca Prosecco showcases notes of green apple, peach and lemon and is a favorite for pairing with tapas or brunch.

2. Which Sparkling wine should I drink if I want something sweet?
If you want a sparkling wine on the sweet side, go for André Spumante. This lively and light-bodied California Sparkling wine explodes with tons of bubbles bring fruity peach and honey notes with a crisp, refreshing finish.

3. Do I need a special glass?
The flute glass is the most popular option for serving sparkling wines; its narrow shape retains the beautiful bubbles and enhances the wine’s aromas. Check out our NYE Party Tips for a way to add a touch of bling to your glasses.

5. When do I drink Sparkling wine?
No matter the season, when the moment calls for a toast, it’s a good time for sparkling wine.

Sparkling Wine Food Pairings

Pop the bubbly and let the noshing begin! We've gathered together some of our favorite appetizer recipes perfect for pairing with sparkling wines.