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Jermann Red Angel Pinot Nero V17 750ML

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Crafted from 100% Pinot Noir, Red Angel has heady aromas filled with fruit and a slight herbaceous touch. This wine stands out for its elegant finesse with a delicate yet full-bodied palate. Superbly balanced, this silky wine has a touch of fruit sweetness, driven by notes of strawberry, cherry, cranberry and red currant. Soft tannins and structured acidity give the wine a lasting finish. 2017 was a challenging vintage, with periods of frost in spring and extreme temperatures in summer. Harvest saw more favorable conditions, but yield was cut to sustain quality.
Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc V21 750ML

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Representing the finest of New Zealand, Nobilo’s classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc showcases the diverse qualities of our Marlborough vineyards. This wine opens with bright aromas of pink grapefruit and white florals. On the palate, our Sauvignon Blanc adds crisp, expressive tropical fruit characteristics, like ripe passionfruit and guava, complemented with hints of lemon and fresh-cut green herbs. With appealing intensely on the nose and palate, this mouthwatering wine finishes with generous fruit notes. Try this wine alongside lemon-herb roasted chicken, grilled seafood dishes or fresh green salads.

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Prophecy Rosé is a classic, dry-style pale pink wine from the South of France. Delicate aromas of raspberry and white flower radiate from the glass. On the palate, delicate layers of ripe red cherry, raspberry and white peach play on a softly textured middle palate with refreshing acidity and a crisp finish. Notes of red berries linger through to the finish. Prophecy Rosé Vin de France is crafted with fruit selected from the South of France’s finest growing regions. Based in classic Rhône varieties, such as Cinsault and Grenache, this blend is complemented by other native French varieties. The 2020 growing season in the South of France experienced warm, dry conditions and the earliest harvest in over a decade. Although yields were slightly lower, the fruit is showing optimal ripeness and bright acidity.

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The 2018 Alamos Selección Malbec, the pinnacle of their portfolio, showcases fruit from the Mendoza region. Bouquets of crushed dried violet and rich blackberry unfurl in the glass. On the palate, luscious notes of dark cherry and black plum meld with touches of black pepper and rich, subtle oak. A finely tuned structure and supple mouthfeel add depth and deliver a luscious finish. Tucked under the massive shoulders of the Andes Mountains in west central Argentina, the province of Mendoza is renowned as a winegrowing region. The high-altitude desert vineyards their roll upward into the foothills and toward the steep Andes’ peaks. Altitudes in Mendoza range from 3,000 to 5,000 feet, and that altitude means clear air and more sunlight for building flavors in the grapes. At night, cold air sweeps down from the mountains to give the grapes the structure and complexity to balance perfectly with the intense flavors.

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Crisp and inviting, Fleur de Mer Rosé captures the serene artistry of Provence’s idyllic, sun-washed coastal shores and fragrant, floral hillsides. At first swirl, the wine opens with generous aromas of white peach, citrus, wildflowers and herbs. A classic Provençal style, ripe raspberry, wild strawberry and crushed watermelon notes are complemented by layers of minerality and hints of sea spray. Delicate and softly textured on the mid-palate before a refreshingly crisp, memorable finish.

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Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc is a classic expression of New Zealand’s Marlborough region. In the glass, the wine opens with aromas of lemongrass, guava and snipped greens. Crisp, refreshing notes of passionfruit and grapefruit lead to a bright mouthfeel with a long, clean finish. The 2020 growing season in Marlborough was ideal with warm temperatures occurring throughout the summer and low rainfall before harvest. Harvest yielded slightly more fruit than the previous vintage, producing optimal acidity and concentrated flavor.

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Renato Ratti founded his winery in 1965 and was the first to map the region of Barolo, paving the way for the commercial idea of terroir in Italy. After Renato’s death in 1988, his son Pietro has carried on his father’s legacy, Ratti's Barbera d'Asti is the winery's most accessible and versatile wine. A cold and rainy spring replenished the water resources in the soil. A warm and sunny summer with significant daily diurnal range gave ideal conditions for fruit development. Harvest occurred in late September.
Diseño Malbec V20 750ML

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Malbec has thrived in Argentina since the 1800s when cuttings were transplanted from their original home in France. Now considered amongst the world's most distinguished red wines, Malbec flourishes in Mendoza. <br><br> Argentina's most highly respected vignerons supply Diseño Malbec from vineyards in Mendoza. Vines grow in fertile soil rich with old mineral deposits, irrigated by heavy winter snow melt from the Andes glaciers. <br><br> Diseño Malbec is a rich wine with an inviting bouquet of stone fruit. A hint of coffee complements the blueberry, spice and chocolate notes.

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Layers of blackberries, deep plum and blueberries meld together for a rich, saturated flavor in our 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon. Subtle hints of vanilla, clove and cracked peppercorn from oak aging and firm tannins add complexity. Our deep 2020 Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon offers a classic expression of the Argentinian influence on the variety.

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Da Vinci Chianti Riserva is a deep purple hue, opening with aromas of ripe plum and red fruit with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate, this medium-bodied wine perfectly balances rich notes of black cherry, espresso and anise alongside soft tannins that linger on the finish. Our Chianti Riserva is an elegant companion to meals, pairing especially well with pasta and meat dishes.

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Our Ecco Domani delle Venezie DOC Pinot Grigio is made primarily from hand-harvested grapes grown in the high-altitude region of delle Venezie area. This signature wine has a straw yellow color with light green and gold flecks. On the palate, it is a complex wine that offers delicate floral and tropical fruit notes of pineapple, passion fruit and mango. On the finish, an intense aroma of Williams pear complements the bright acidity. With its food-friendly and approachable style, our Pinot Grigio pairs beautifully with light pastas, poultry and fish and can also be enjoyed as a refreshing “after-work” aperitif. <br><br> <b>About the delle Venezie DOC:</b><br> The three regions of Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto encompass the delle Venezie DOC in northeastern Italy. This high altitude region is ideally suited to producing crisp, elegant Pinot Grigio grapes. <br><br> <b>Viticulture Notes:</b> The 2021 vintage has been an excellent vintage for the DOC delle Venezie Pinot Grigio. The spring period was characterized by brisk temperatures and light rains that carried the vineyards to an ideal vegetative development, followed by a warm summer characterised by intense day-night temperature variations that allowed the fruits to fully ripen while maintaining remarkable acidity levels, leading to a harvest of exceptional quality. The 2021 Ecco Domani displays an excellent freshness and crispiness, nicely balanced by a rich and concentrated flavors profile. <br><br> <b>Winemaking Notes:</b><br> Following harvest in September, the grapes for this wine were gently crushed and pressed. The juice was allowed to cold settle prior to fermentation, which occurred in upright stainless steel tanks for three weeks at an average temperature of 64°F. The wine was aged on light lees until bottling to preserve its freshness and its clean, full mouthfeel.

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In the famed book, The Count of Monte Cristo, protagonist Edmond Dantes arrives to Marseille on a ship named ‘Pharaon.’ The word’s etymological roots and context since inspired Dave Phinney’s philosophy and the reserve wine for Department 66. Aromas of sweet oak, dark chocolate liqueur and Tahitian vanilla are complemented by ripe plum and herbal sage notes. Savory red fruit flavors of boysenberry and rhubarb fill the palate and blend with a glimpse of schist and minerality. Firm tannins are primed for extended aging while lingering acidity extends the finish across the palate.

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Our Red Rock Mendoza Malbec delivers the hallmarks of Argentine Malbec, renowned for its expansive fruit, subtle spice and distinctive floral notes. Flavors of dark fruit create an underlying jamminess, giving this wine a mouth-filling texture that extends into a smooth, fruit-driven finish.

sale price $14.99
Our 2020 Malbec is a full-body, well-rounded red wine from Don Miguel Gascón, the longest continually operation winery in Argentina. In the glass, our Malbec shows an inky black color and reveals aromas of crushed violet and dark berries. Bold notes of dark plum, black cherries and blueberry integrate with oak-influenced hints of pepper and cocoa. Plush tannins create a soft supple mouthfeel and long, velvety finish.

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Our Origin Series Sauvignon Blanc is sourced entirely from the unique Dillons Point area of Marlborough, giving the wine its focused, fruit-driven flavor profile and hints of minerality. The crisp personality of Origin Series greets you with generous aromas of passion fruit and guava. These exotic tropical fruit characters come through on the rich palate, mingling with notes of grapefruit, lemon and peach layered with herbaceous notes of fresh-cut grass. Refreshingly crisp on the finish, with a lingering sense of sea spray and minerality. <br><br> The 2021 vintage is being celebrated as exceptional though yields were down significantly (down 19% across New Zealand) due to some late-season frosts and overall cooler weather in the spring.

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On the terraced vineyards high atop the slopes of Mt. Etna, vines struggle for water in rocky soil, producing grapes with intense color and fruit character, balanced by racy acidity and refined structure. Elegant and smooth, the 2016 Pietrarizzo Rosso opens with an alluring nose of wild berries, rose and violets. Layered notes of mountain strawberry, red cherry, dried herbs and spice mingle with hints of wet stone on the full-bodied palate before a long, silky finish.
Allegrini La Grola Veneto IGT V15 750ML

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The 2015 La Grola IGT is a deep ruby red with an expansive, alluring bouquet and elegant, harmonious palate. Fruit notes of ripe plum and wild berries blend with hints of coffee, backed by firm tannins. Full-bodied and intense while maintaining its finesse, the wine is made from Corvina Veronese and Oseleta grapes grown on terraces. The high plant density and the resulting low yields add to the wine’s unique concentration. Aging potential is 10-15 years.

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Our 2020 Da Vinci Chianti is a deep crimson color, and boasts aromas and notes of ripe plum, strawberry and cherry dotted by savory notes of black pepper. On the palate, this medium-bodied wine is well‐balanced with soft tannins and a bright acidity that lingers through a luscious, mineral finish. This wine pairs beautifully with a variety of pastas and meat dishes.

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The Argiano motto “NON CONFUNDITUR" can be found on the family crest in the entrance to our ancient cellars. It means "unique" and truly characterises this rich, refined, elegant wine with soft tannins and a lovely nose of red berries and “Mediterranean scrub”.

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Prophecy Pinot Grigio offers a glimpse into the classic wines of Northeastern Italy, where Pinot Grigio flourishes against the backdrop of the region’s stunning landscape. The 2020 Pinot Grigio showcases the region’s hallmark styling with citrus characteristics, delicate hints of white flowers and signature minerality. Opening with aromas of citrus, light peach and fresh apple, the wine reveals layered notes of fresh-picked apricot, pear, lemon and luscious tropical fruit. The finish is refreshingly crisp. Grape Selection: The IGT Delle Venezie encompasses three regions of Northeast Italy: Trentino, Friuli-Venezie Giulia and Veneto. From high-altitude vineyards in the shadow of snow-capped mountains to vines thriving in the cool air climate of the Adriatic Coast, the region is known for its elegant and crisp Pinot Grigio wines.

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Renato Ratti founded his winery in 1965 and was the first to map the region of Barolo, paving the way for the commercial idea of terroir in Italy. After Renato’s death in 1988, his son Pietro has carried on his father’s legacy, Ratti's Nebbiolo was first released in 1969. A cold and rainy spring replenished the water resources in the soil. A warm and sunny summer with significant daily diurnal range gave ideal conditions for fruit development. Harvest occurred in late September.
Jermann Vintage Tunina V19 750ML

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Jermann’s release of his flagship wine, ‘Vintage Tunina’, a field blend of native and international varietals, remains a watershed moment for Italian wine. Estate grown. Single vineyard. 30 year old vines. 25% of the blend is aged in large oak cask for 11 months.

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Maso Canali Pinot Grigio boasts a radiant, pale straw hue with crisp citrus and light floral aromas. On the palate, hints of nectarine are layered by delicate tropical fruit notes. We dry a portion of grapes on racks utilizing the Passito method which contributes a full mouthfeel and texture. This dry, fruit-forward white wine offers bright acidity a lingering finish.

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Our 2020 Malbec is a robust symphony of dark fruit that captures the complexity of Mendoza’s iconic varietal. The color shows inky purple with a halo of black tulip. Pronounced notes of black cherry and blackberry integrate with finely grained spice and vanilla oak. Notes of wild berries and round tannins fill out the palate, leading to a long and velvety smooth finish with a touch of dried herbs. Delicious with wood-fired meat. A warm growing season during 2020 accelerated ripening and led to the earliest harvest on record. As a result, the berries harvested were small with expressive, concentrated flavors and ideal acidity.
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