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The Sweet Side of Cab

Cabs don't always mean big bold flavor. Pair these smooth, sweet, and soft wines with a bowl of your favorite Mac & Cheese on a Tuesday night.

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Smooth, Sweet, & Soft

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Our 2021 Apothic Cab captures the best of Cabernet Sauvignon, bringing a silky, elegant and delicate dimension to the typically bold characteristics of the variety. This wine showcases Cabernet Sauvignon’s distinctive fruit characteristics of blueberry, blackberry jam and dark plum, supported by soft, fine tannins that add plush richness to the mouthfeel. A small addition of Zinfandel to the wine adds layers of cherry and dark fruit notes as well as a hint of spice. Subtle suggestions of vanilla linger on the smooth finish, a reflection of the wine’s selective oak aging..<br><br> <b>Viticulture Notes:</b><br>We selected the majority of the grapes for Apothic Cab from Lodi in California’s Delta region. California’s 2021 growing season was cool and mild, with a heat spell in August that resulted in an earlier than average harvest. Wines from this vintage showcase vibrant acidity and concentrated flavors.<br><br> <b>Winemaking Notes:</b><br>We selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with the most intense fruit profile and the finest tannins, handling fruit with a soft touch in the cellar. We added a small portion of Zinfandel to the blend to complement the wine’s uniquely approachable palate and add additional dark and jammy characteristics. After harvest, fruit was destemmed with marginal crushing to gently extract color and tannins. Portions of the blend were aged on oak for two to four months to preserve elegant fruit notes and impart hints of vanilla.
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