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Clos du Bois

Founder of Clos du Bois Frank Woods was a true pioneer in the California wine industry. He worked hard to bring Sonoma County wine to the world stage, while also pursuing Chardonnay varietal wines specifically.

He was among the first to age Chardonnay in French oak barrels to achieve a French style, rooting Clos du Bois in an elegant and accessible wine style.

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Clos du Bois - Elegant and Accessible Wine Style

About Clos du Bois

From the beginning, Clos du Bois has been rooted in an “elegant and accessible” wine style. This philosophy was created by founder Frank Woods following his first trip to France in the late 1970s, when he traveled all of the great wine regions from Burgundy and Bordeaux to Champagne and Alsace.

He met with winemakers throughout each region, learning the French style. After retuning to the U.S., he decided to take the parts he liked about French wine – the elegance – and marry it with the vibrance of fruit-forward California grapes to make wine accessible to the American audience.

Clos du Bois is best-known for their Chardonnay, the wine that started it all for the brand back in the 1970s. Since then, they have expanded to create more varieties to showcase the depth of what California winegrowing can offer.

- The Barrel Room Staff
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