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Pieropan Soave Classico V22 750ML

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Our liveliest and most youthful style from Soave Classico, the Pieropan family has been producing this wine since the early 1900’s. Generous, pleasingly fresh and versatile, it is made from the traditional varieties of Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grown in family-owned vineyards situated in the Soave Classico region. <br><br> The 2022 vintage was characterized by a winter without significant rainfall, both snowy and rainy, and mild temperatures that led to an early but always dry spring. The temperatures of the first spring months were above average and this situation of scarcity, almost no rainfall and high temperatures lasted until the month of August. <br><br> In the summer months we then witnessed prolonged waves of extreme heat which exacerbated the evo-transpiration rates of the plant. This has led to a situation of water stress, mainly in hilly areas, where both the scarcity of substrate and the drainage capacity of the soil have made irrigation vital. The budding was slow due to the shortage of water in the spring, partial in some cases. The setting was poor, with sparse bunches, which accentuates a lack of product and weight. <br><br> This is more marked in early varieties such as Trebbiano, which was affected by the vintage. The Garganega, thanks to the rains of August and September, only partially recovered as the rains were not such as to make up for the water deficit. The plants finish the final stages of grape ripening in water suffering In our Valpolicella, on the other hand, the situation is a bit different, undoubtedly due to a more favorable climatic condition. The grapes are ripe, with low yields but in any case the position of the vineyard and its altitude have meant that the product is optimal from the point of view of the ripening parameters. <br><br> We report an optimal state from a phytosanitary point of view of the grapes. As far as the finished product is concerned, it is still premature to say anything, it will certainly be slightly scarcer in terms of quantity.
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