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Lo-Fi Aperitifs

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Clean, crisp and complex, hints of elderflower mix with a spicy flavor on the palate and fresh fruit from the wine base. It's made with flavors of gentian root and orange oil bitters. Pairs with bourbon, rye whiskey, gin, & tequila.

sale price $24.99
Aromatic, layered, and full of spice, this vermouth is bright on the front with hints of rhubarb, cocoa, and vanilla. Its sweet, creamy finish is balanced out by oak and pleasing bitter notes from gentian root and orange oil bitters. It's made with flavors of citrus fruits, ginger, exotic flowers and spices, & cinchona bark. Pairs with straight bourbon, rye whiskey and other flavorful spirits.
Lo-Fi Spritz Grapefruit Hibiscus Pack - 16 cans

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<b>Each pack includes 16 Lo-Fi Spritz cans</b><br> The bubbly cocktail is made with California Sparkling Wine and gentian amaro infused with grapefruit, hibiscus, anise, cinchona bark, Seville orange oil bitters, ginger and bois de rose flavors. Each can is 250ML
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