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Generous and round with uncommon finesse, the 2017 Non Confunditur is an international blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese. The wine opens with fruit-forward notes of raspberry, cherry, black currant and blackberry, with darker, earthy hints of balsamic and bramble at the finish. Full-bodied and smooth, fine tannins and a long finish make this wine approachable while young with the potential for moderate aging. We give great attention to encouraging beneficial organisms and natural predators in our vineyards and use no synthetic chemicals. Our goal is to unite the soils’ microbiology, microclimates, clones and vineyard conditions to produce the most expressive fruit each vintage. Our high-density vines use spurred cordon training as well as limiting cluster numbers to maximize quality. Our vineyards benefit from our favorable position atop a plateau around 980 feet in altitude, where the growing season is extended by the combination of cold nights and constant winds from the coast. Vintage 2017 brought well-distributed rains and a favorable summer free from excessive temperatures. Grapes were well-balanced due to heavy, drying winds. A shorter season, we harvested grapes in early September.
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