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Wine Tasting Game

Play Our Wine Tasting Game

Great taste wins championships, so we’ve selected an elite list of eight wine varietals to compete for the top spot in our very own tournament of taste. Which varietal do you want to see go all the way? Download a bracket for each player (plus one master bracket) and make your picks before game time.

Varietal vs. Varietal

Step 1: Know the Theme (Wine Varietals)

We’ve chosen eight varietals, all top sellers at The Barrel Room, to compete. Here’s a peek at our star players:

Cabernet Sauvignon
This rich, full-bodied red is the most popular red wine grape, with growing regions across the globe.

Ranging from creamy and oaky to bright and citrusy, Chardonnay is the most widely planted white wine grape in the world.

Whether it’s the Prosecco grape or a combination of varietals, the lively effervescence of a sparkling wine is always welcome.

A dry, medium- to full-bodied red, this wine boasts notes of dark fruits and baking spices.

Pinot Noir
A light-bodied, fruit-forward red, Pinot Noir is renowned for pairing well with a variety of foods, from beet salad to lamp chops.

Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp and refreshing, this herbaceous white is bright with notes of lime and grapefruit.

Red Blends
These popular wines are made from from a combination of red varietal.

Pinot Grigio
A crisp and refreshing white, Pinot Grigio is dry and zesty, with notes of citrus and green apple.

Bag Each bottle

Step 2: Bag Each Bottle

Conceal each bottle with a paper bag to make it a true blind tasting. If you don’t have paper bags, use tin foil or anything that will completely mask the wine’s identity. You’ll want to number each bag with the corresponding varietal on the bracket.

Pour and Play

Step 3: Pour and Play

Now it’s time for the best part of the game: wine tasting! Pour wines #1 and #2 and give players time to choose their favorite. The wine with the majority vote moves onto the next round, which you’ll note on the master bracket. Repeat this step with wines #3 and #4 and so on until its down to the final two.

If there’s a tie vote at any point, have players defend their choice—use tasting notes, aromas, mouthfeel, etc.—to persuade others to change their vote.

Step 1: Know the Theme (Wine Varietals)

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Which wine gets the trophy? Pour the final blind taste test and vote. Once a winner is announced, reveal its identity.

How’d everyone do? Let each player check their bracket to compare with the master bracket. The player with the most matches wins bragging rights (and a glass of the winning wine).

Ready to Play?

The Barrel Room has over 60 wine brands to choose from. To make it easy on you, simply click below each varietal noted above to find your wines. Once you’ve got everything you need, invite your friends, and grab a bracket before the buzzer!