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The Ghost Pines Story

Without the restriction of traditional winegrowing boundaries, we source grapes for Ghost Pines wines solely for quality and flavor from wherever we find the best fruit. Though sourcing changes from year to year, this philosophy delivers wines of consistent quality with a distinct combination of richness, smoothness and balance that could never be mistaken for ordinary. Ghost Pines embodies the progressive spirit of California winemaking and inspires a sense of individuality.

Our wines are named after the Ghost Pines Vineyard in eastern Napa County, where the indigenous grey pines loom mysteriously along the hillsides. Native to California, the Ghost Pine can adapt to a variety of climates and thrives in various soils, much like grapevines. This vineyard has been one of our favorite fruit sources since our first vintage.

Product Image Pending for The Barrel Room


Our unconventional approach to winemaking—with its emphasis on the pursuit of character and quality over traditional representations of winegrowing regions—makes for an exciting, free-form concept for wine today. The result is a collection of sophisticated wines that illustrate the best characteristics of each varietal and region, balancing elegance with structure, intensity with nuance.

Because great wine can come from different regions, we don’t follow a prescriptive sourcing plan from vintage to vintage. Rather than limit ourselves by institutional boundaries like county lines or AVAs, our only rule in the vineyard and in the winery is to make the best wine possible.