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Lolli Sweet Wine Blends

Make it icy. Top it off. Tip it back.

Lolli Labs

Understated is Overrated

We encourage you to play with Lolli, pour it over the rocks in any glass, toss in a fancy garnish, straw or swizzle and cheers.

We love the look of a statuesque bottle – but beyond that traditional wine culture isn’t for us. Yes, our winemakers are versed in making mind-blowing wine, but our taste is for those with a flair for the sweet and an active imagination.

Sweet & Complex

Before a bunch of women rolled up to the party uninvited and overdressed, wine was rigid. Too many rules. Too much attitude. Too many old men.

With the help of our fierce female consumers, we’ve remixed the fine wine experience into a new vision of sweet and bold flavors fit for any glass, over ice, and topped with a garnish. Officially dethroning the idea that acquired taste is earned only through years of study.

We know taste is innate and no one should have to try so hard to enjoy anything, especially what they drink.

We created Lolli for tastemakers who know what they want and how they want it.

Lolli Labs

The Collection

sale price $13.99
It's the perfect clash and complement of old and new to make something fresh. Sweet at the core with a rebellious streak. Lolli Sweet Red Blend is elegant, sweet and juicy with ripe blackberry and blueberry with a smooth and fruity finish.

sale price $16.99
Rebelliously sweet. Fruity Notes. Lolli Sweet Twist is a proper red wine made for those with a sassy side. Share chilled, over ice, or however you like to sip the sweet side of sophistication.

sale price $16.99
Fruity. Loud. Juicy like Saturday night. Lolli Sweet Spiked is a pop of flavor for moments that call for something bolder. A spiked rich red blend with hints of caramelized orange. Best served chilled, over ice with a side of fruit.