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    $6.99  / Bottle
    $83.88  / Case

    We are currently sold out of this wine.

    Our 2009 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel displays classic fruit flavors of red and black currant and bramble berry. Spicy notes of black pepper, white pepper, and nutmeg add layers, and the finish is elegant and mouth-coating.

    We are currently sold out of this wine.


    Please note: You must order a minimum quantity of 1.

    $19.99  / Bottle
    $239.88  / Case

    The Dry Creek Valley is Ground Zero in the Zin Zone. Zin Central.
    Zin City. Home of Rancho Zabaco, of course. Winemaker Eric Cinnamon gets these grapes off benchlands elevated above the creek, and he treats this treasure with care.

    Very full-bodied, with rich red and black fruit aromas and flavors. Nice spicy character hitting high notes over the moderate toasted oak bass line. Go wild: pair with venison or boar.

    $23.99  / Bottle
    $287.88  / Case

    Sonoma County Zinfandel has to be the best in the world. Zin has been in the ground there for 150 years, and its “heritage” includes the entire history of winemaking in northern California. Winemaker Eric Cinnamon is part of that heritage, now making sophisticated wines like this one.

    Easy to like immediately. Ripe flavors of blueberries, black cherry and spice. Hints of vanilla and toasted oak from the aging regime.

    $17.99  / Bottle
    $215.88  / Case

    How do you begin to describe a $60 Zin? Magnificent would be a start. Rare (230 cases). Exotic. Amazing. Great gift for your boss or for yourself. Nothing like it. Completely handmade. Very sophisticated. Old Vine Zin from Sonoma’s legendary Monte Rosso Vineyard.

    Lots of spice in elegant bursts, a tempest of mature fruit flavors, then another layer of spice: pepper and clove. Chocolate and vanilla flavors from the French oak.

    We are currently sold out of this vintage.


    Sorry, we're currently out of stock of this wine.

    Please note: You must order a minimum quantity of 1.

    $59.99  / Bottle

    The mountaintop Monte Rosso Vineyard is a legend in wine country. Winemakers fight over who gets the fruit. Very old vines. Very high up. Red iron soil. You see the name on rare and exquisite wines. Winemaker Eric Cinnamon loves the place, and that love comes through in this wine.

    Not shy at 14.9 % alcohol, but balanced, detailed and structured under the robust array of flavors. Let it evolve in the glass. Aromas of fresh berries, spice, briar and earth. Rancho Zabaco calls it “refined intensity.” We couldn’t agree more.

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