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A diverse set of aromas present themselves—blueberry compote, maraschino cherries, raspberry and a touch of licorice and tomato leaf. The palate is silky smooth, almost slippery, with bursting flavors of ripe strawberry, red plum, kirsch and graham cracker. Chalky tannins and a long structured finish round out the wine.
Brancaia Tre Red Blend V16 750ML

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The smooth, medium-bodied and well-balanced TRE blend delivers incredible character and depth. Fresh-picked fruit notes of wild red berry and black cherry are contrasted by subtle earthy characteristics. Fine tannins and a lively, refreshing finish bring wonderful structure. TRE is named for both Brancaia's three estate vineyards in Tuscany and for bringing together three of the region's most celebrated varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Aromas of black cherry, nutmeg, cinnamon and savory notes are complemented by sandalwood, vanilla, balsa and evergreen. The silky smooth entry leads to a velvety, textured mid-palate of fig, blueberry jam and soft oak. The finish has a hint of sea salt and fades out slowly.

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Black pepper and tannins from Petite Sirah; Carignane for bright freshness, and high acidity; Zinfandel for spice, ripe fruit flavors and suppleness; and notes of blueberry and color density added by the Alicante Bouchet found mixed in many of these old vineyards. The wine is very dark and dense. It is fully aromatic with sweet fruit scents of black cherries and plums, accented by hints of toast, vanilla, black pepper, cardamom, and licorice. It is a mouth-filling wine, rich in the complexities of black raspberry and baking spices. It has supple, delicious intensity and weight in the long, flavorful finish.
Locations WA Washington Red Wine 750ML

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A layered and aromatic nose of ripe blackberry, plums, dark chocolate and black fig jump from the glass. Expansive on entry, the palate is replete with boysenberry, black cherry, a hint of bay leaf and fig. The generosity of the wine continues with a long finish of baking chocolate and ripe drying tannins.
Locations TX Texas Red Wine 750ML

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A beautiful dusty plum hue sits in the glass with bursting aromas of black plum and raspberries, floral notes of lilac and rose complemented by hints of cedar, black tea and slate. On the palate, flavors of red fruits, cranberries, grapefruit and cherry cola sync with a bright and fresh acidity—a lively finish that lingers.

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Generous and round with uncommon finesse, the 2017 Non Confunditur is an international blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese. The wine opens with fruit-forward notes of raspberry, cherry, black currant and blackberry, with darker, earthy hints of balsamic and bramble at the finish. Full-bodied and smooth, fine tannins and a long finish make this wine approachable while young with the potential for moderate aging. We give great attention to encouraging beneficial organisms and natural predators in our vineyards and use no synthetic chemicals. Our goal is to unite the soils’ microbiology, microclimates, clones and vineyard conditions to produce the most expressive fruit each vintage. Our high-density vines use spurred cordon training as well as limiting cluster numbers to maximize quality. Our vineyards benefit from our favorable position atop a plateau around 980 feet in altitude, where the growing season is extended by the combination of cold nights and constant winds from the coast. Vintage 2017 brought well-distributed rains and a favorable summer free from excessive temperatures. Grapes were well-balanced due to heavy, drying winds. A shorter season, we harvested grapes in early September.

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This delicious Sweet Red Blend has enticing flavors of raspberry, cherry and pomegranate. Smooth and luscious, enjoy with fiery fare from the grill such as flank steak, kabobs and vegetables.
Jayson by Pahlmeyer Red V18 750ML

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Our Red Wine offers bright, fresh-picked fruit notes, as notes of dark plum, raspberry and black currant weave playfully with hints of smooth caramel and butterscotch that linger on the finish. Velvety, expansive and deeply expressive, this is a Merlot-based blend at its fullest potential.
Apothic Brew 750ML

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The limited release Apothic Brew is an innovative and bold red blend infused with cold brew coffee. This plush, full-bodied blend matches the concentrated dark fruit notes of red blends with the mocha and subtle chocolate characteristics of the cold brew. Hints of maple and toasted oak linger on the long finish, highlighted by the distinctive rich, smooth depth of cold brew coffee.
Apothic Red California 250ML
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Like all true originals, this wine has a character all its own. Notes of black cherry, mocha, vanilla and a hint of intrigue -- all in a shareable two pack that boldly goes anywhere you do. Although no one says you have to share.

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Our Sweet Victory Dark Berry Red Blend breaks from the pack with a bold twist on sweet and fruity wine. Luscious flavors of blackberry and blueberry meld together with layers of vanilla for a buoyant, silky smooth red blend.

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With the depth of a red blend and a fiery bite from whiskey barrel aging, Apothic Inferno is a Red Wine with a Whiskey Soul. Paying tribute to a time-honored craft, this wine has been aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels, creating bold notes of red and dark fruit with layers of maple and spice. Apothic Inferno delivers a rich red blend with curious intense taste. Apothic Inferno is first oak aged 2-4 months, then aged an additional 60 days in whiskey barrels to give a unique character to this special red blend. On the smooth, rich palate, Apothic Inferno offers notes of ripe red and dark fruit, like blackberry and plum, that combine with layers of maple, vanilla and charred spice on the long, clean finish.
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