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Chocolate Candy + Cabernet

Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark, a bold red wine is best. Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate candy complement one another’s deep, rich flavors perfectly. Like full moons and mischief, this pair is wickedly delicious.

Chocolate Candy

Peanut Butter Candy + Pinot Noir 

Gather friends from near and far with a pairing so good, it could be supernatural. Bold, fruity Pinot Noir is the best match for any sweet, salty peanut butter candy. Your guests will devour well into the midnight hour, so beware and grab plenty!

Peanut Butter Cup

Candy Corn + Chardonnay

Halloween and candy corn have a rich history. Whether it holds you or haunts you, it's here to stay. Chardonnay's crisp, rich oak balances the sweet, buttery notes of candy corn brilliantly. You'll hear no “boos” with this pairing!

Candy Corn

Fruit-flavored Candy + Pinot Grigio

Forget pumpkins! Carve out some time for this delicious combo. Fruit-flavored candies cut through vibrant, floral Pinot Grigio like crows through a cornfield. A pairing so good, all the birds will want a taste. Make like a scarecrow and keep this one for yourself.

Fruit Candy

Black Licorice + Zinfandel 

Black cats spell bad luck, but what about black licorice? Paired with a red Zinfandel, this candy is absolutely charmed. The bold fruit and rich spice of the wine—paired with sweet, bitter licorice—is over-the-moon delicious. Trade your broomstick for a bottle and enjoy!

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